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Profile Photo of April


A mother of two, April came to Keyway in December 2016. She has worked to create change for herself and her family every day since, and has shown nothing but passion, resilience, and positivity throughout her journey.

April has maintained consistent employment since January 2017, impressively balancing court requirements, drug treatment, meetings, community service, and parenting responsibilities – all while keeping a smile on her face and a positive attitude. A testament to April’s determination and drive, she celebrated one year of sobriety in August, and graduated from drug treatment in November! Her determination to create a new life for herself has impressed staff, her mentor, and judges from several counties.

Sarah, her mentor, notes that April’s two young daughters are her inspiration. “She loves her children wholeheartedly and they are her entire world… everything she’s working for now, she has their best interest in mind,” she says.

Sarah has seen April’s successes up close, and has nothing but praise for her mentee. She is most impressed by April’s “complete accountability for the things she has done in her past.” A true representation of restorative justice, April “takes full responsibility for [past] choices, [but] she doesn’t dwell on them; she uses her past to inspire her to work harder now and make a better future for her and her family.”

Keyway staff are consistently amazed by April; especially by her positive outlook and growth. She brings a bright smile and laughter into any room, and unknowingly encourages those around her. “Watching her grow and navigate through her journey has truly been an honor and a gift that she has given me without even realizing it,” Tracie Striebel reflects. “The sky’s the limit for April – she will accomplish anything that she sets her mind on.”