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Keyway's commitment to empowering women post-incarceration transcends service provision; we recognize the need to effect broader change through legislative action and policy reform. In response, Keyway has established the Advocacy Advisory Board.

The Advocacy Advisory Board’s mission is to reduce the social and political barriers justice-involved women face through legislative advocacy and education by:

  • Advocating for dignity and rights of justice-involved women
  • Empowering justice-involved women to advocate for themselves through input, testimonies and legislative meetings
  • Educating the community on realities of justice-involved women and advocacy opportunities

Understanding that punitive justice hinders rehabilitation and growth, Keyway advocates for restorative practices. These approaches facilitate personal growth, enabling individuals to repair the harm caused by past actions.

Legislation We Support: 

  • Clean Slate/Expungement Employment 
  • Access Access to benefits (Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, etc.)

White Papers:

The Advocacy Advisory Board has developed two white papers emphasizing the necessity for legislative change affecting justice-involved women.

  • The Wellbeing White Paper provides insights into the challenges faced by women that frequently contribute to their incarceration, further compounded by conditions within correctional facilities.
  • The Barriers to Reentry White Paper thoroughly examines a range of obstacles impeding women's successful reintegration into their communities.

Interested in Joining the Advocacy Advisory Board?

Are you passionate about influencing legislative change and seeking meaningful avenues to empower women? Consider joining Keyway's Advocacy Advisory Board! For additional information, please call 314-771-5207 or email keyway@keywaycenter.org.