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Financial Security

Justice-involved women historically face high rates of unemployment, and when they do secure a job, are often in the most insecure and lowest-paying positions. Through vocational support and financial literacy coaching, Keyway empowers women to build the skills and knowledge needed to build financial security for themselves and their children.

The Vocational Specialist ensures that participants have opportunities to build the necessary skills and resources to secure meaningful employment. In addition to extensive job readiness skills-building, the Vocational Specialist also assists with building resumes, preparing for interviews, procuring interview and work attire, and arranging transportation.

The Vocational Specialist works alongside each participant to build a vocational plan centered on their personal goals. Based on this plan, the Vocational Specialist will connect participants with educational or job training programs, apprenticeships, or livable wage employment opportunities with second-change employers.

Once employed, the Vocational Specialist offers ongoing support focused on fostering job retention. By providing coaching on topics such as effective communication, problem-solving, and managing emotions, participants are empowered to manage the challenges of the workplace.

The Life Skills Specialist works with each participant to create a budget that is realistic and sensible. The Life Skills Specialist also works with each participant throughout employment to provide additional support and coaching on following the budget.

Through partnerships with community members with financial expertise, program participants are empowered to build financial literacy skills needed for long-term success. Whether it’s opening a bank account or learning to invest, coaching is individualized to meet the needs of each participant. The Life Skills Specialist provides ongoing support in both one-on-one and group settings.