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Community Reengagement

While Keyway offers a broad range of evidence-driven, gender-responsive services, we acknowledge the importance of building connections with our community to ensure long-term stability and success for participants.

Case managers work alongside each participant to develop a client-driven case plan focused on addressing needs while leveraging strengths. Based on these identified needs and strengths, Case Managers coordinate both Keyway services and external services offered by community partners.

Because many program participants have limited support from friends and family, Keyway is committed to providing opportunities to build positive, prosocial connections. Through both one-on-one and group mentoring activities, participants have opportunities to build new relationships and develop new hobbies and interests.

Interested in Becoming a Mentor?

Volunteer mentors provide emotional support for women as they reenter their families and communities. Providing a one-on-one mentoring relationship to a woman helps her grow, reconnect with family, and adjust to living in her community. Committing to one year of mentorship means helping a woman establish and work toward healthy, sustainable goals.

Find more information about becoming a mentor here.

Keyway provides support for participants with pending charges or in-court diversion programs. The Advocacy Director will attend court proceedings and advocate, as appropriate, for diversion into Keyway programming as an alternative to incarceration.

Most incarcerated women are mothers to minor children, many of whom are focusing on reunifying with their children after their release. Keyway works to reduce the generational impact of incarceration by offering parenting classes, making connections for legal assistance, and providing opportunities for on-site daytime and overnight visits with their children.

Keyway is more than just building skills and knowledge; we also believe in learning to have fun in healthy and safe ways. The Community Engagement Coordinator plans opportunities for program participants to engage in positive, prosocial community activities. Whether it’s taking advantage of one of the many free or low-cost activities that St. Louis has to offer or giving back through volunteer opportunities, Keyway ensures that participants are positively immersed in the community.